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Renegade Protocol (Internet Explorer 6.0 tested).

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Posted By: Tom Anderson Views: 2189
Date Added: Sun, Nov 19 2006

Version: 1.0

This is a relatively easy program, and very simple mod to add to your IE.
This will add a new address protocol to internet explorer so you can click on links and launch Renegade.


To install:

1. copy renegade_shell.exe to either your c:\ or where ever, just remember the path.
2. open reg_protocol.reg with notepad
3. change the following lines so that they apply to where you copied the program.



@="c:\\renegade_shell.exe %1"

make SURE that you keep the %1, and that you do double \\ for directories and paths.

4. save the .reg file and exit it.
5. either right click on the .reg and -> Merge, or double click on the .reg file, and click yes when its prompts to to add it to the registry.

now you are all set to click on the appropriate links.

If you have a problem starting up the application, you may need the visual basic 6 service pack 5 runtimes.

you can get them from here:

To uninstall, simply open up regedit, delete the following key "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\renegade\"
next delete the renegade_shell.exe from where you installed it.

Thats about it.

I have included the source to this app just in case someone wanted to spruce it up or whatnot, just give credit where credit is due, and gimme a link back to renevo.com if you make something with it :)

Tom "Dante" Anderson

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