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January 2009 - Posts

Removing My Namespace from VB.Net

Recently a question arose on Stackoverflow that asked if you could remove the My namespace from vb.net . So, before I get going with this article, I want to state that the My Namespace does have a few uses , it provides instant access to resources, settings,
Posted by Tom Anderson | 1 Comments

Custom Configuration Sections in Application Config files

A colleague of mine approached me the other day on how to build custom configuration section handlers in .Net.  As I have said in previous articles, I have been using “real” .config files now instead of pseudo .config, .cfg, or .xml files for complex
Posted by Tom Anderson | 1 Comments

Creating Compilable User Files in Visual Studio 2008

Back in my c++ days when working on projects with other people in source control etc… I would do all kinds of weird things, things like include files for coding only for me. Example: #ifdef (TOM) include “Tom.h”; #endif This allowed me to call code that
Posted by Tom Anderson | 0 Comments