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  • Another RenEvo?

    I still chuckle when I come across things like this.


    Apparently this guy is the co-founder of "RenEvo" with someone else, making Renegade 2. Nice fail at Google sir, nice fail.

  • We are on Facebook now

    Finally setup a Facebook page.

    Stop by and Like us if you get a chance!

  • EAW Extractor (Empire At War mod tool)

    So, the EAW Extractor, for Empire At War by Petroglyph, was a bit more popular than I had recently realized.


    Not to shabby.

    With the recent release of Empire At War on Steam, I think I will probably fish out this old code and make sure it is compatible with it and do a “refresh” of the code base. Maybe even play with the UI a bit, been looking for something “old” to work on, just have to clear it with the legal department at work.

  • Ultimate Desk version 4.0 alpha

    So, since I haven’t built out my own website yet for posting personal stuff, this site gets it!

    Instead of working on some software projects at home, I have decided that it is time to give my office a serious make over. The first step is already in progress.

    When we purchased this house, I staked claim to the formal dining room to become my office, my man cave, my off limits for the wife area. The first step was replacing the pseudo chandelier in the middle room with more manly (and higher; kept hitting my head) lights. I now have 3 directional spots that are on a dimmer switch that allow me to go from barely lit, to bright as the sun if needed.

    The second step, was to get rid of the one problem with the room; two entrances. There “was” two doors to the formal dining room. One that was directly from the main front door, and one from the kitchen. I opted to keep the door to the kitchen (easy fridge access) and close up the four foot French door opening. Over the last few (I won’t say days/weeks/months) I have ripped out the doors, framed it in, and am in the process of finishing up the drywall to completely close it off.

    After this is complete, I will be painting the room a dark blue to darken the rooms atmosphere a bit more (keeping the white ceiling/floor boards, and crown molding for now). Then comes the fun stuff, building the interior of the office.

    I have searched literally for months for a desk replacement for my thirty-two inch by six foot cherry “executive” desk to no avail. Everything from Ikea, Herman Miller, and about everything in between. Nothing really seemed to be a good fit for what I wanted, and ALL of them were so shallow. I have used this desk for literally 8 years, and am used to the depth it has. I could easily fit 2 CRT monitors (back in the day), my keyboard, and still keep my elbows on the desk; which is a requirement, I like my arms up to the elbows, up on the desk. So, in the spirit of DIY, I am going to roll my own.

    There is one catch to this, it has to be epic.

    I am a musician, I spend a lot of time gaming, I am an audiophile, and I like to watch movies and Hulu on the computer. This new ultimate desk has to support this, and my office also has to be atmospheric for it at well.

    The first brainstorming was to just take my desk, turn it around, add some shelves and some book cases and be done with it, but that only meets one of my needs, and that isn’t very epic. Eventually I settled on a cross between a pseudo studio, a guitar rack based system, and a “control room” look & feel.

    Right now on my desk I have about 20 different peripherals, from gaming to phones, to iStuff, 3d glasses and IR blaster, USB hubs, studio speakers, cable box, surround sound speakers, headphones, and a headset for gaming. Not to mention my keyboard/mouse. I then figured out that 90% of this can be custom rack mounted, and that they could go into my “control center” quiet nicely.

    So the idea is that I will buy a bunch of project boxes, mangle the crap out of a lot of peripherals to put them in the boxes, and rack mount them in an easy to reach location, while mixing in my “real” rack mounted equipment (guitar effects, EQ, bass effects, etc…) for quick access. Then stick my monitors and speakers inside of the racks, make a keyboard/mouse storage compartment, mount a touch screen below the main monitor, and end up with the most epic desk/desktop that sits in the corner of the room, where the old door pretty much was. And to top it all off, I don’t want the run of the mill forty-five degree corner desk, I am going to build a nineteen degree desk and build it out to forty five on the extensions, giving me a spot to run studio monitor speakers on stands behind the “control rack”. Then the right side of my desk will be capped out with a book case / file cabinet, and the right side will house my guitar cabinets (stored inside a book case). Above the guitar cabinets I plan on mounting all of my guitars with a switch for lighting each one (wall mounted LED). The remainder of the wall will be book case/storage for “stuff”.

    The real kicker is that above my control center, I want to mount a forty inch LCD (not yet purchased) that points down at a ten degree angle. This way I can watch it while playing games or surfing the web – or jump back to the sofa (not yet found) on the other side of the room and just kick back. Next to the sofa? A bookshelf with all my nerd books (programming books), a place for me to charge up my iPad, and a reading light mounted off the wall.

    Well, that’s the goal, lots of work building everything out over the next few months; tons of things to buy (already started getting some things – more later); and tons of drawing/modeling to do to mock up the things to build.

    My goal is to finish this by the end of the year, and kick back and enjoy the ultimate desk, control center, entertainment center, recording studio, sanctuary, and man cave I can imagine that is perfect for “me”.

    Here is the first box out of the desk, I plan on adding a lot more detail to it, getting some of the shapes figured out, and starting to do some placement for the peripherals in the rack kits.


    Stay tuned for some progress pictures of me tearing the door out and filling it in. I want to post them all at the same time.

  • Friends band

    I love when this happens – not added to the playlist, but all of the sudden my friends band is on my playlist of songs I will like :)



    Check them out @ http://stofma.com

  • Powered by -

    Some fun facts:

    Anyway, this will probably go on my about page for TomAnderson.me, just bored still waiting for Visual Studio 2010 to download.

  • Rolling my own – TomAnderson.me

    Well, that’s it.

    I am just going to roll my own, what better way to learn, than to do (paraphrased from “The only source of knowledge is experience.”  by Albert Einstein).

    I have installed ASP.Net MVC 2, and am downloading Visual Studio 2010 Premium RC (which luckily has a “go live” license attached to it).  This will allow me to utilize not only the newest in ASP.Net MVC, but also start working on .Net 4.0, which is another one of my goals.

    So for today, I want to get the project started up, separate out the projects in the specific concerns and areas, as well as stripping out any sort of Windows Authentication/Forms Authentication in a traditional ASP.Net fashion for the wonderfulness of OpenId.

    Once I have the site structure, as well as the logins, I want to start working on the base master page. For now I will most likely style it after a cleaned up version of the current TomAnderson.me – I like the colors, but obviously for copyright reasons, I will have to make some adjustments and roll my own images for the site.

    Because my hosting does not yet support .Net 4.0 (because it is an RC) I won’t be able to get live updates until they do, but I plan on posting it up to a codeplex or Google code project for anyone to enjoy and comment on, all feedback is welcome.

    The first iterations are going to be very strongly about getting some of the things I want to do fleshed out (site.com/sandbox/blah) most likely, and then re-identifying things I like across the web, and figuring out how to implement them, either on the client, or the server.

    Well, while I download the 2.2gb of Visual Studio 2010, I will be creating the directory structure and the hosted source control, will update when those are available.

  • AtomSite – Well that lasted about 20 minutes

    So I downloaded and installed AtomSite, checked it out, the front end seemed pretty good, the admin section was quite nice, and the plugin architecture seemed… sharepointy…

    I then took a look at the source code, and seriously decided against it.  I am looking for a pure ASP.Net MVC application to work with if I don’t write my own, unfortunately AtomSite is not, it uses some things from ASP.Net MVC, but in fact is using a custom View engine (which I don’t want at this point), and a lot of overhead on the code.

    I am looking for simple, light, and easily modified code.  Looks like I might still be rolling my own, as this just isn’t what I am looking for at this point.

    Back to the drawing board, literally…

  • AtomSite – Site Development Continues

    So, a while back I had mentioned something about creating a site for TomAnderson.me.

    Originally I was going to write the entire thing from scratch, then release the source, etc… Well, life happens, I don’t have that kind of time, and I want to “get in an code”.

    I am going to check out the Atom Site open source project for ASP.Net MVC and see how I like it, who knows, I might actually get the site up and running in the next few years.

    Anyway, off to the races!

  • Spammers

    I have disabled new user registration for the time being, as the site is being new user spammed like mad right now.

  • Site Themes

    There are two new themes under development right now by DreamWraith and myself.  You can find them under your user options (dw and beta).

    Not sure how fast they will be updated, but feel free to check them out. I can’t guarantee they are going to always work though.

  • Site is getting dated


    Just starting to notice how dated my web site is getting. It has been a few years since I have updated the look and feel of the site.

    Thinking maybe over the next month or so I might update the look a bit, I don’t think I have the time to do more than that really. And I definitely don’t have the time for a full site rewrite, which I would like to do, considering that the features even with the blog are getting dated (have to use the FTP option now with Live Writer to upload images).



    Not to mention that I will probably switch hosting when I redo the site, to cut the costs down quite a bit, as I don’t get nearly the traffic that I used to, but go figure, don’t update your site that often, the traffic slows down.

  • Still finding random posts

    I still find it amusing to find projects I have released on random pages around the internet.  This one shocked me.


    Amidst all that advertising is a listing for C&C Far Cry on gamershell.com. (is it gamers hell or gamer shell?)

  • Mono – the good kind

    So here lately I have been doing some discovery with C++ and C# using mono. Can’t get into the details, but I may build a project in one of my old stomping grounds just to play with. Should be fun to monkey around in some old API’s, but who knows, I might enjoy it enough to release it, just got to sign off on the release of it with my new job.


    Enjoy the holidays!

  • Server Issues – Downtime

    Seems that we are experiencing some issues with our SQL server connections, hopefully this will be resolved shortly.

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